We Have The Continuing Education Tools To Help You.... Because We've Been There!

Our Story

Knead to Work was started by our owner, Glenda Poletti, LMT.

Glenda first got into massage after sustaining a bad neck injury. In her search for alternative solutions to pain, her eyes were opened to what bodywork can really do. She heeded the strong calling she felt to massage and what followed was a successful private practice for ten years. In present day, Glenda owns several successful massage studios in greater Seattle WA and Oregon.

“Knead to Work in particular grew out of a growing realization that the massage therapists were really hungry for continuing education, but they wanted it in small bites.”

Glenda became aware that there was a need for more training and continuing education for her own massage therapy staff.

"It all started with the introduction of the aromatherapy program within our studios. One of our administrative staff, Shannon Allen, LMT, being a longtime aromatherapist, had the knowledge and ability to provide a short course on aromatherapy. It was a class that we could offer inexpensively that would help the therapists feel so much more confident about offering aromatherapy to their clients.

"We saw some success from that first class, and it blossomed into the other enhancement modalities that we offer for Himalayan salt stones and cupping. People responded, so it encouraged us to create a wide variety of courses and make it accessible for all massage therapists."

Now, as an NCBTMB Approved Provider, our focus is on providing massage therapists with quality continuing education at an affordable price. We focus on small class sizes to give our students the individual attention they deserve. Our instructors are industry veterans with a great deal of practical teaching experience. We train massage therapists in a wide variety of subjects and frequently bring in guest instructors to broaden the subject matter and perspectives we offer.

Whether you’re looking for a massage therapy continuing education class, personal training on massage techniques, or just good advice from the massage therapists who have been there, we are here to support you. Let Knead to Work help you strengthen your massage career.

Glenda’s advice for massage therapists:

“I always encourage people to be curious. Just be curious! Really ask yourself, what could be going on here with this client? Be curious about the body, be curious about learning everything that you can and know that the learning never stops. In massage there is no end to the knowledge that you can gain, it goes on forever.

The more you seek to learn, the better off you’re going to be in your career. The other thing is, stay strong. It is a physical job, and we have to really take care of our own bodies, including strengthening. Those are the two things I think for massage therapists who are looking for a career that’s going to last. Stay curious and stay strong.”

National certification Board for the therapeutic massage & bodywork

Board Certification

Knead to Work is an NCBTMB Approved Provider #1000636 for massage therapy continuing education instruction located in greater Seattle WA and Oregon.